Why “My Horse in Pictures”???


The relationship between you and your horse is special in many ways and our goal is to demonstrate that unique relationship pictorially, using high quality, digital photographs. These images can then be used anyway you want. 





To achieve this goal, we will conduct a site visit at your location. We want to hear about your horse and understand why he/she is so special. We will spend some time with your horse as well as a surveying the location to get some ideas for the perfect shot.





Our goal is to work with you for a suitable time. We definitely want good lighting to do the photo shoot. We like to take pictures of your horse in his natural environment, different face shots, your regular routine with your horse, portraits with your horse, other horses or family members and finally special requests you might have. At the end, we want to pick the 25 best pictures and burn them on a CD in a large format (for blow-ups up to 20”x40”) and small format (e-mail 4”x6”).


Let’s get my horse in pictures!!!


Thank you!!! Our passion is for horses and photography and we have experience with both. We look forward to the opportunity to take pictures of your horse,

be creative and “portrait” them in very special ways!
For bookings or to get more information, please feel free to get in touch with us 

by e-mail:info@jftphotography.com 




                           e-mail: info@jftphotography.com

Sierra and Sassy